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Steve Jobs Movie 2015

Steve Jobs movie
Steve Jobs Movie 2015

Steve Jobs was an Apple founder and a American businessman.          Steve Jobs has been the title of many films named after him like-

Steve Jobs- the man in the machine 2015

Jobs- 2013

Steve Jobs- Billion Dollar Hippy – 2011

Steve Jobs- On the last thing – 2011

And now again Steve Jobs are subject of another film name Steve Jobs 

This movie story totally based on Steve Jobs life.this movie directed by Danny Boyle. Writers- Walter Isaacson . Music given by Daniel Pemberton

          Steve Jobs Movie 2015 Story

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steve jobs movie story

               Steve Jobs Movie Cast 

Michael Fassbender -as- Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet -as- Joanna Hoffman

Seth Rogen -as- Steve Wozniak

Jeff Daniels -as- John Sculley

Sarah Snook -as- Andrea Cunningham

Michael Stuhlbarg -as- Andy Hertzfeld

Katherine Watersten -as- Chrisann Brennan

Perla Haney -as- Lisa Jobs 19y old

John Ortiz -as- Joel Pforzheimer

Vanessa Ross -as- Elizabeth Ramos

Makenzie Moss -as- Lisa Jobs 5y old

Adam Shapiro -as- Avie Tevanian

Jackie Dallas -as- Flint Stage Manager

Alice Aoki -as- VIP Shareholder

Phillip E. -as- Security Guard

        Steve Jobs Movie Trailer 

Movie details 

Movie Stars- Michael Fassbender,Kate Winslet,Seth Rogen,Jeff Baniels

Movie Editor – Elliot Graham

Production & Company – Legendary Pictures,Scott Rudin Production,Entertainment 360,Mark Gordon Company,Decibel Films,Cloud 8 Films

Distributed by- Universal Pictures

Steve Jobs Movie Release Date – 9 Oct 2015 in US

Steve Jobs Movie Budget – $30 Million

Steve Jobs Movie Release date in India  – This movie is not release in India

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